Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The irony of emotions and new adjustments

My first two days of teaching Koreans were of mixed impressions. They are fun to be with, sometimes hard to deal with, sometimes full of laughters, and other times you just want to bump your head into the wall out of despair, hehe.. Anyway, so far I'm enjoying it and it's really my desire to be with the students, so we'll just see how far could I stand their presence:)
Anyway, since i'm now a working graduate, and still a GT member which is a top priority of mine, I need to adjust my schedule for campus work. I just pray that the Lord will indeed provide ways for me to continue the campus ministry in a full blast.
That's it for now. God bless you all. Halleluia!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

God's goodness and sovereignty

Hello.. it's been a long time... hehe.. I hope there is someone who will be interested in my wandered thoughts. Anyway, I just want to tell everyone who has an access on my blog that the Lord has been so good to me for the past weeks. The Lord proves everyday that He is in control, that whenever I ask for His ways to light mine, He reveals it according to His measure of my intellect and understanding. God really rocks.
On the other hand, aside from the volunteer work as a GT member, the Lord has provided a lot of job offers for me, and I decided to choose the tutor job since I like to be with the students and it's only a short termed work. I just hope I could enjoy it since this is a gift from God, and I believe tha He would enable me to enjoy that toil.
On personal and interpersonal aspects, I'm struggling with consistent and quality time with the Lord and ministry commitments. I just pray that I may not be preoccupied with the busyness of life and work. May I continue to savor God's love everyday. Help me on that matter. So far, i need to work out my relationship with other friends, that I may really be interested in their lives, not only in a surface level, but skin deep, so I could extend myself to them for help and support.
Despite the state of calamity in Baguio, it's proven: the Lord is good and sovereign no matter what. God bless you all:)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Living by Faith Indeed

Hi. It's been a long time that I wasn't able to keep this blog updated. Kinda stretching the resources available, hehe.. As the title suggests, yes, the Lord is teaching me to really live by faith everyday of my life. As I enjoy my campus work as a volunteer, the Lord is indeed a great provider, not all the time for tangible objects, but of spiritual and psychological benefits. Even without food in the stomach and fare to travel to and fro campus, the joy of enjoying what I have (and the thought of whom am I serving) is more than a relief and a refreshment for me. Praise God. More than that, the fact that I have no job yet does not hinder me to continue this calling destined before me. I'm still hopeful that in God's time, He will provide, or probably, make His way clearer that I need to just focus on the minsitry. The thought of "it" comes once in a while, and honestly, I don't know how to react about it, but i believe He will show me the way. Haaay.... Anyway, I enjoy my life and i want to enjoy it with God constantly as my center. Shalom:)