Saturday, June 10, 2006

Untold pressures from family

Hi to everyone. I went home to Pangasinan for three days and two nights because I wanted to see new atmosphere, and unfortunately, it was a disappointing scene to watch (except the Just Like Heaven movie I watched there, hehe). My family is struggling hard financially, and I can't help but hide my shame and guilt because I am powerless, physically and financially. Even though I wanted to change the course of fate, of our financial condition, etc., at that moment, the only thing I did was to utter a silent prayer that God wouldl intervene in His time and ways. At some point, I was tempted to think and regret things I did before, threading the circumstances that IF EVER, IF ONLY...., my family would not experience this shortage and inadequacies in life. But then, I have to be firm in my commitment and decisions in life, with faith that God will take care of my family, as I follow His will. Not that I expect His reward, but I just recognize His goodness, grace, and faithfulness to those who are willing to follow Him. And I desire to be one. I hope you include me in your prayers. God bless and tahnk you. :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Guarding myself against wicked ways

hi, I'm back back again. Just to keep you posted, I quit my job training after two days of field work. hehe. I just sensed and realized that I belong to somewhere else, and that i don't want to become an agent to someone else's burden in allocating their family's income. Besides, I observed that the'y're not being true to what their saying, they're inventing words and other persuasive language just to close a deal. Of course, that's not the kind of work that i would love to do. In the first place, as a Christian, I should guard my testimony and be of good influence to other people. I should still consider being aware of observing personal holiness. It's not becoming self-righteous anyway, but becoming vigilant and alert that I may not be used in any sort of wicked ways, hehe.

Anyway, i'm still searching for a job as of these moments, and i'm still hopeful that the Lord will give me one. I continue to trust His goodness, grace and perfect time for everything.

Please pray for me that I may not be disappointed and tempted to change ways amidst pressures from my family and personal ambitions. May the Lord protect me against wicked ways and means. Thanks a lot.... Muwaah:)