Saturday, November 30, 2013

Race for Life, Run for Scholars

Race for Life! Run for the benefit of the scholars!

Run for a cause has become widespread. It is being employed not only by running enthusiasts but also by companies or organizations with purpose and cause in mind. And there’s really nothing bad in joining one, unless it’s illegal. By running for a cause, you not only get to be physically fit, you also help in generating funds to achieve one’s goal.

People have varied reasons in joining fun run. I, myself, have personal motivations too. Whether you run to lose weight, gain friends, sweat like hell, or just want to help, running per se far outweighs the disadvantages that you can think of.

And so I run.

Race for LIFE 2013 buddy fun run is a great venue for the entire running community. I believe in the cause of the run, being initiated by the Real LIFE Foundation which is "passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to a good education and transforming their communities through community service." 

Proceeds of the fun run will help their scholars go to college as reflected in their motto “Be a buddy, help somebuddy.” That’s why even I was coughing and suffering from colds a day before the buddy fun run, I still join the run to show my support!

Here’s my Buddy, Marco Stephen Abarabar, one of our victory group leaders. I think we just jogged all throughout the 5K distance, and we had fruitful conversations along the way.

The Tuesday Group! 

The Crowd! Aside from Victory members, police force, whole family and some friends joined the fun run too!

Thanks to all the organizers, logistics, runners, even those who were assigned to man the traffic, water station and baggage area. Your labor is not in vain. The Lord be glorified!

You want to run and help? Check this outRace for LIFE 2013