Saturday, September 30, 2006

Moving out?

Hiya there... I'm fine, on the verge of moving on, hopefully:) Anyway, I just want to say that I'm on the decision-making process again in terms of moving out in my present 'haven'. Yeah, I personally consider IV home a haven, but i think it doesn't deserve someone like me to stay in any longer, among other reasons in my mind. But i'm contemplating if i seem to be a victim of pride, of my pride, of keeping my words consistent, especially my status as the 'poorest' of them all, financially. (This is not a manifestation of sefl-pity, whatever:)). Anyway, i'm thinking and praying about this, mind-bogglingly. Watch out for the decision... that's the next attraction:)hehe

Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy and exhausted Monthsary

Hi there.. Happy monthsary, hehe... I just want to keep my invisible readers, if there are, updated. I just missed having all my litanies online, pretending to be noticed or somehow pitied by somebody, whoever:), just in case I catch their attention. Anyway, first on my memory list is the Palanca stuff. Yes, the result was in, and better bless next time. Though i didn't make it to the lit list, i am pretty sure that my next year's entry will never be the same again, hehe. It's all or all, hehe. About my work, oh yes, it's almost a month since my new job started as contractual info officer in a government office. It's very exhausting yet I am learning very much. On the other hand, it seems i'm compromising something, of my ideals, maybe of my principles, or most probably my GT commitment. How i wish i could quit my job, feed myself out of magic or blessing, or just stay and let it be. That's life. My plans never become structurally engraved in the book of life so i should be open any time. Waaah, why am i speaking of book of life, magic or blessing? They are conflicting and ironic terms right? anyway, scrap it all, nonsense. Next... Yes, about me, because I love talking about myself. It's ok if they consider me self-centered, but i just want to speak. This is my litany anyway. In short, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I don't know what's happening to me. Maybe next time, I could. Bye:)