Monday, May 29, 2006

The Day I Sell Myself

Hi to everyone :) I just want to say that I have received so much blessing from the Lord for the past weeks even at these very moments. Praise God for the joy, learnings, enjoyment and blessings He showed in ISCF camp. It was not only a great experience for me, but an encounter with God filled with His enabling, favor, strength and joy in serving Him. I praise you God for that.

Yes, this is my first day to sell myself, hehe. I'm now involved in marketing and selling in a publishing company. I know that you have some "negative" thoughts, probably, about the nature of my work, but I'm also exploring and testing the waters. There is always a room for improvement and higher learning. I just have to give it a try, and give my best. It's still a work nonetheless, hehe.

Please pray that I may be able to perform best in this career, and also that i may still manage to give my best in my GT involvement. It is still my priority. God bless you all:) Thank you:)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Confused over the work

I started searching for a job last week and I am confronted with different, untimed interviews and the nature of the work itself. I didn't expect that job hunting is as difficult as I am experiencing right now. Of course, it becomes more complicated as I am forced to be selective of the job because i need to reserve my "precious other time" to the campus ministry that I have committed to do. Anyway, it's also an exciting lesson for me because I encoutered situations where I believed I could get something out of it, and also the interview process which really tingled me to get nervous and all that. But I'm glad I'm facing all these things because I know it will pay off afterwards, by God's grace. He knows best actually. So for now, I just need to let Him do His way and purpose. Humble me O Lord and make me in tune with your will. :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

This was my curly long hair which I cut off last year. Actually, I miss my hair, but I needed to have a new hairstyle so I can avail a decent work. Ow! How I wish they would hire someone like me with such a curly long hair, hehe. They might think of me as one of those 'punky-not-dead' creatures. (No offense, but I also admire how they express themselves, hehe). In the first place, I'm not a punk. I'm just a probinsyano who remains to be a cool one, hehe. Enjoy me. Stalk me if you want with this kind of picture, hehe. I'll wait for it.....:)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Environment

New atmosphere, new setting, new setup.... Yes! This must be God's way of creating refreshing thoughts and plans for me for campus ministry preparation. In a place like IV home where students with complex and amazing personalitie gather for fellowship, bible study and fun, I'm excited to see them coming over as the new school year starts. I suspect it will become a blockbuster haven for everyone who desires each company. See you there and then kakabsat. God bless