Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Return of the Comeback

The 70-day vacation of my father will soon be expired on February 14, the date of his flight back to KSA. His riyal-converted-to-dollar reserve is already depleted, and my family is once again on the verge of belt tightening. After happy days come the not-so-happy days, at least for a month.

Like the global economy’s bloodbath scenario brought about by US economic slowdown, my family needs to take a breather and employ all necessary means for recuperation. But with all these things, I praise God for each counted days that we are together as a family.

Christmas, New Year and my sister’s wedding – these are the prime peaks of our family’s revelry. These are as well the major sources of expenses outlaid for such joyful revelries. And who would regret such expenses in exchange of the time spent together as family? Not us.

What the reality speaks of is that his money reserve is not sufficient; so as his vacation time. My family, particularly my father, has not yet entertained the idea of investment and so we can be sustainable in our resources. Of course, I understand his limitation, especially his meager salary as a caretaker. Except for my sister and I who now work independently, (ahemm), my family depends solely on my father’s income. We combine resources together, as much as we could, to withstand the high cost of our youngest’ education expenses.

Another reality is that, we really don’t have savings. And that’s what we should work for now. I, myself, don’t have savings for more than one year that I am working. (Let the poor say I am rich!:)) And I hope this will change for our future’s sake, haha. We should as well learn how to venture in small-scale business, and really be wise in managing what the Lord is giving us.

Time will really come that we will not be dependent on foreign remittances.

To respond to my previous post about my “hope” for my father’s comeback, I would say they were all granted and realized, although not the exact ways and means. Praise GOD (Giver Of Desires) indeed!

First, I have told him I loved him, and every time we talk over the phone, I make it a point to utter that “uncomfortable” yet precious word “I love you.” It really takes practice before that utterance becomes a habit. And I crave to be hooked on that habit and hope it becomes my “disciplined vice.”:) I have also become more expressive to my mother and sister, and appreciative to my two brothers.

My father got the chance to visit me in Baguio and he admitted that money could be spent as easy as chewing “garlic nuts.” What I remember the most during his short visit in Baguio was the time he bathed without heating the water. He appeared to be okay after that fresh bath, but its noticeable it caused him some wobbling effect. Though a denial thing on my father’s part was evident, because according to him it’s colder in Saudi (seasonal), I just chuckled out of respect and said to myself “I love my father for his ‘airy’ remarks.” :)

We also had the chance to be together as a family by going to the nearest and most accessible swimming resort in our town. We opted to go there because we had previous minor accident when we went to San Fabian, a three-town away beach from our town, just after my sister’s wedding. It was a good bonding time anyway, and that’s another granted wish. Praise God!

My father’s flight is fast nearing. I don’t know how long will we wait again for him, but absolutely, we will never cease to love him during his absence. It’s just really sweet to have a father like him.