Saturday, April 29, 2006

My First Attempt

Wow! This is an amazing day. I felt a great relief and fulfillment as I managed to submit all the requirements for the Palanca Awards contest. (I just hope my submission of entries is sailing well thru internet :) until it reaches into the hands of the Palanca exponents.) I feel emptied with void thoughts and i can say that I can breathe smoothly, so far, and i just want to wander whereever my feet will lead me.

I consider it a fulfillment to join the Palanca Award, and I want to hope that I can be even more fulfilled If I will be part of the Lit list. Without high expectations, I will just wait for it patiently by faith, hope and grace. It will be a long wait, after all, about four months from now. So far, I'm happy because someone has already appreciated my work. That's what they call psychic income, and I felt I was duly compensated with such remarks. Thanks for that..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Friends say I am....

well, si alfe??sino kaya un?????d jok lang....alfe is my fren since highskul...bestfren pa nga eh!!matalino yan, mahilig makidebate as in...makulit na ewan!!!, galing pa magpayo...gorgeous as in gud looking,kung minsan sweet...basta sarap kasama ng taong yan kaya nga love na love ko eh!!!basta olwayz remember na kahit were miles away d2 lang me lagi...txt ka lang or kung gs2 you punt me dyan but libre u me pamasahe..ajijijij,, taz libre muna rin me dyan sa baguio pasyal muna din me...hahaha..demanding noh!!!basta alang limutan ha!!!ingat na lang po lagi dyan...miss na kita bestfren!!!

c pareng Alfe, ang genius at guidance councillor ng barkada he!he!he!....classmate q yan nung highschool at isa sa mga 22ong barkada hangang ngayon... Alam nyo sya ung taong nandyan lagi sa tabi mo pag may problema he!he!he! talagang maasahan. Isa rin sya sa mga taong weirdo kagaya ko he!he!he! jok lang. Ano pareng Alfe wala akong masabi sa yo eh ang bait mo kc eh................ sya nga pala pare kung may mang-away sa yo dyan sumbong mo sa akin ha he!he!he! StayCool and always RocK alam mo na yun pare ................. pare ingat lagi dyan

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thank you to all the people who have prayed for me. I love you all