Sunday, May 11, 2008

Grow where I am planted

Wherever I am, whatever I do, whenever I will be, I should know who my real boss is. I should know why I should behave this way, why I should write this way, why I should broadcast report this way.

It was just a dream way back in college that an “impaired, lisping, loner” can become a reporter. And this dream came true just in time, just when I waited and prayed the most, when I needed direction in a confused and staggered blueprint waiting to be discovered. I asked of this, and it was given to me. Or should I say, it was given to me because HE is just simply good. :)

Working in the media industry, particularly under the contours of the best and most reputable network in the country, is a totally different field just to highlight the excitement, the thrill, the hype, the lesson, ethics and principles one can incur working within. But it is no different field when talking about where God puts me to influence where I am planted…

I am enjoying what I am doing right now as a reporter. Never mind the butter in the bread, aheemm for now (ano daw, hehehe). Thanks anyway for the psyche income triggered by the billboards, posters, and ads.

But I want to share about why the Lord has put me in this workplace. For almost a month now, I find it hard to find myself behaving in a manner worthy of Christ’s standard. I have no serious problem working with people inside; they’re all unique, well-crafted, wonderful individuals. I am just concerned with my own character, with the way they influence me, and I influence them. Do I still know that I should let my light shine, and not put it in the shed where my light is distorted and controlled? Do I still know that in everything I do, I should do it for God’s glory?

This is my wake up call indeed. I just hope and pray that the fast pace in the newsroom will not cause me forgetful that once in my journey, I was redeemed. From the simple use of words to dealing with people, I should let my light shine. No turning back…