Monday, July 27, 2009

Times of Refreshing

It was such a brief yet meaningful reunion of some Baguio friends. The warm atmosphere, the new group game (cranium club), the delectable dish, the hot tea/coffee, the familiar faces I dearly love and cherish… I was trying hard to find myself comfortable with their presence. It seemed I so missed the nobleness of friendship being breached by distance. But It’s always there, I believe.

The times of teasing quickened my pretension. I really couldn’t deny or hide things from them. Though some things changed, I noticed we’re still united in harmony. The one spirit continues to bind us into one community, redeemed by the same blood shed by Christ Jesus. Indeed, if I could really boast, I should boast the name of the Lord.

Thanks for the gift of friendship. And sorry for my shortcomings. Thank you for your prayer, folks. And pardon my ignorance of self-sufficiency. The journey continues, and I hope I won’t pass through the wide gates. Bow!