Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lessons learned

Happy 2-monthsary… hehe. Yup, yeap, it’s more than two months now that I am working as a correspondent. Congratulations

But I am quite exhausted; not a complaint but a natural feeling of a human being. It’s not the work per se, but actually the details within the work. And absolutely, I would say that this job that I have now is the job that I prayed for, and the job that I like, the job that I am still learning to love. Oh, yes, it’s a process of loving this kind of work, and so far, I am enjoying the journey of growing in love with my work.

I just want to share some lessons and realities that I encountered for the past months as a correspondent. First, even though I want to effect change in the story that I want to make, I just can’t help but cover the event as it is because I know my limitations. I cannot involve directly with the pleas and concerns of the people involved especially faces and hearts so deeply in need. I cannot curse people who blatantly violate the rights and simplicity of the marginalized in my story, otherwise, I may be judged bias. I can hide my partiality but not my empathy.

Secondly, it’s difficult to blame “uneducated” people when I see them in desperate situations, fighting with their fists but ended up losers. Some of these are victims of ignorance and unequal distribution of favor and wealth. I may just listen to them, sympathize with them, but I can’t just do mighty things for them to redeem their zeal. Nevertheless, I am thankful that with the kind of job that I have, I can inspire them, and trigger them to be hopeful and wishful.

Lastly, I learn to smile even though it’s not needed, and I learn to hide my resentment to those who are contemptible…. 