Sunday, March 09, 2008

A heartbeat for transition

Transition will be my next disciplinary program in the coming days. I'll be moving out of Baguio to traverse a new path, to exploit greater heights, to grow more and to love deeper. I anticipate positive things to happen in this new journey, confident that the hands and blessings of the Lord are upon me.

The city of pines has become a comfort zone for me, enjoying every freedom and access crucial to my development as a human being. It has given me the chance to see all kaleidoscopic enigmas of life. The beautiful and the not-so-wonderful are all part and parcel of the lessons of life. Oppositional binaries are at work all the way, but praise be to God who sustains and preserves those He called, justified and destined to be with him.

Though not everything has been laid down crystal clear, the plans of the Lord are sure to come. His plans are a work in progress, and He considers it done when He wills it to be. And so what will I do? Follow his leading, remain in him, know his heart, seek his face, ask for his blessings and favor, and continue to serve him wherever he leads me. (It’s really easier said than done).

All I really need is to put my hope and trust in the Lord, the author and perfecter of my faith (Heb. 12:2). He understands the beating of my heart, and I believe that as I long as I know the heart of the Lord, (which is also a process of knowing) I will never go wrong. And when I go wrong, I, myself, will be blamed – a vulnerable sinner who needs grace and mercy every now and then.

”You may not always be able to feel a deeper heart feeling right away, but stay focused in the heart. The sincerity of your effort can reconnect you to your heart current and start the juices flowing. To plug in, think of someone you love or remember what feels good, maybe a fulfilling experience. Feelings help you remember.” - Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart